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back into the kitchen. It was rather too quick a relapse into the common things of life and made Malka suspect the admiration was but superficial. She turned, with a spice of ill-humor, and saw Esther still standing timidly behind her. Her face flushed for she knew the child had overheard her in a lie. "What art thou waiting about for?" she said roughly in Yiddish. "Na! there's a peppermint." "I thought you might want me for something else," said Esther, blushing but accepting the peppermint for Ikey. "And I--I--" "Well, speak up! I won't bite thee." Malka continued to talk in Yiddish though the child answered her in English. "I--I--nothing," said Esther, turning away. "Here, turn thy face round, child," said Malka, putting her hand on the girl's forcibly averted head. "Be not so sullen, thy mother was like that, she'd want to bite my head off if I hinted thy father was not the man for her, and then she'd _schmull_ and sulk for a week after. Thank God, we have no one like that in this house. I couldn't live for a day with people with such nasty tempers. Her temper worried her into the grave, though, if thy father had not Brandon Jacobs Jersey brought his mother over from Poland my poor cousin might have carried home my fish to-night instead of thee. Poor Gittel, peace be Kevin Boss Jersey upon him! Come tell me what ails thee, or thy dead mother will be cross with thee." Esther turned her head and murmured: "I thought you might lend me the three and sevenpence halfpenny!" "Lend thee--?" exclaimed Malka. "Why, how canst thou ever repay it?" "Oh Ahmad Bradshaw Jersey yes," affirmed Esther earnestly. "I have lots of money in the bank." "Eh! what? In the bank!" gasped Malka. "Yes. I won five pounds in the school and I'll pay you out of that." "Thy father never Victor Cruz Jersey told me that!" said Malka. "He kept that dark. Ah, he is a regular _Schnorrer_!" "My father hasn't seen you since," retorted Esther hotly. "If you had come round when he was sitting _shiva_ for Benjamin, peace be upon him, you would have known." Malka got as red as fire. Moses had sent Solomon round to inform the _Mishpocha_ of his affliction, but at a period when the most casual acquaintance thinks it his duty to call (armed with hard boiled eggs, a pound of sugar, or an ounce of tea) on the mourners condemned to sit on the floor for a week, no representative of the "family" had made an appearance. Moses took it meekly enough, but his mother insisted that such a slight from Zachariah Square would never have been received if he had married another woman, and Esther for once agreed with her grandmother's sentiments if not with her Hibernian expression of them. But that the child should now dare to twit the head of the family with bad behavior was intolerable to Malka, the more so as she had no defence. "Thou impudent of face!" she criedHakeem Nicks Jersey
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